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Slayer - Espresso - 2 Group

Slayer Espresso is the gateway to flavour profiling. Patented flow control, enabled by a precision needle valve, gives you the ability to manipulate and transform the flavour of espresso. In the hands of professional baristas, the brew actuator becomes a vital tool for finding the best in any coffee.

This machine is built to defy the highest demand and thrive under the best baristas in the world. Endless steam capacity, ultimate temperature stability, and revolutionary control of extraction make us proud to have Slayer Espresso anchoring our brand.

Main Features:

•      Manual espresso extraction

•      Pre-brew wetting stage

•      Flavour profiling with 3-position actuator

•      Patented flow rate control

•      Electronic group valves

•      Independent brew tanks

•      Unlimited steam

•      Pre-heat tank

•      Digital temperature control

•      Wood handles and actuators

•      Blended hot water valve

•      Modular pre-brew timers

•      Versatile power supply

•      Shot mirror

Slayer - Espresso - 2 Group

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