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High adsorption coconut activated carbon filter

After high temperature activation, high quality coconut shell was

selected into uniform powder particles of certain specifications. In

order to reduce impurities such as heavy metals, some of the finished

nroducts were pickled to reduce the powder particles and trace harmful

elements, and the PH value increased. The adsorption capacity was

increased accordingly. It can quickly adsorb the color of residual

chlorine, smell and turbid water, improve the clarity of water and

improve the taste. It can be made into granular carbon and carbon rod

according to different uses, which can be used as pre-filtration and

post-finishing filtration.

Reverse osmosis precision filter

Made of polysulfone, polyvinylidene fluoride and other polymer

materials, through non-woven molding into a paper-like structure,

encapsulated into a cylinder when used. The pore size is generally

1/10000 microns, which can effectively filter sludge, rust,

microorganism, virus, mercury, lead, arsenic and other harmful

substances in water. It has the advantages of repeated washing, high

filtration accuracy, strong reliability and durable.

Installation steps

1. close the cold water source triangle valve, open the random part

package, take out the metal three-way and small ball valve to connect

to the triangle valve, then connect the hose to the metal three-way to

form two water supply.

2. Cut about 50 cm long (easy to move the machine when replacing the

filter element), one end is connected to the ball valve connected to the

triangle valve, and the other end is connected to the inlet end of the


3. the first three fast-Connected filters are rotated clockwise into the

end cover of the machine in sequence (note: be sure to spin in place).

4. according to the machine side installation diagram, reverse osmosis

machine, large flow directly connected to the water purification faucet,

standard flow also need to connect the storage bucket, concentrated

5. quick joint connection method: when connecting. just insert the pipe

into the port without margin, When pulling out, the left thumb presses

the movable claw ring of the fast interface, and the right hand pulls in

the opposite direction to pull out the pipe.


water discharge port and water purification faucet.

Commercial water filtration systems

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