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Our comprehensive journey.

Today coffee is number 2 most traded commodity which is prepared and  enjoyed by many  throughout the world.Therefore the need for proper quality coffee tools was discovered by the genius of those days through crafting and trying day in day out different methods .But finally they were able to stand in a gap so that today we can enjoy fine coffees in our cup.Today almost every home is able to  brew their own espresso by use of high quality Coffee Machines and grinders .This makes the the best part on why, samplus trading and engineering hub evolve as a modern coffee equipment solutions throughout the  middle East .

OUR STORY Began in 2019 through trading of high-end Coffee Machines,  coffee Tools, Equipments to local and GCC market. We supply and trade all type of  Coffee Machines, Grinders,water filtration systems, coffee Equipments and Coffee Roasting machines of different brands to our customers in retail and wholesale.

We also meet the  requirement from the installation to training our customers and baristas in the market based on the standards set by SCA speciality coffee association raising awareness of the coffee standards as per the requirement of the industry. Integrity and customer loyalty focusing on total quality management by the Owner results in constantly increasing the rapid demand of supplies meanwhile. Over short period of time, we brought forth brand Samplus trading  and Engineering Hub with registered copyrighted trademark. The establishment is registered and licensed under the legal name Samplus Trading from the Department of Economic Development and Ras al Khaimah free-zone business center. 


At Samplus trading and Engineering Hub, together, We aim to provide quality coffee machines, coffee grinders, tools, equipment and gadgets to coffee industry in local and international market. Also providing full support to domestic and commercial establishments.


Having the right  team, have been  the driving source of our success in varies sectors . We believe in continuous development of our people with enhancement and advancement of skills and training them to deliver the highest levels of services. Our highly motivated engineers are there to offer you with  the best related technical assistant  which help us in exploration of new ideas and also gain customer’s satisfaction and loyalty and increased market share.


 exploring the world of coffee, is the true meaning of Engineering and trading. We continuously thrive to find out latest trends and developments and technological innovations in the products, techniques and process. We keep adding up new brands and products to meet the maximum needs of clients.


Our service maintenance team constitute of expert technicians who are always available for handling the most delicate part which is, when the  breakdown happens in cafe or domestic machine for home. Due to this reason we are 24/7 awake across the UAE to offer the needful technical supports and repairing of all type of coffee machines, grinders and water filtration systems. We ensure responding to the customer request on immediate basis. Our main focus is assist all our clients operations do not halt at any given time.


We always keep wide range of spare parts in stock for different type of coffee machines and grinders. Our goal and aim is to make sure 100% support is given to the customer as opposed to many. As a company we offer high standard after sales service and support. Our min lead time is graded as  1-3 days for the repair of machine of any type. Some of the un available spare parts may take atleast 1-3 weeks depending with manufacturer. 


We offer the best Trainings to our Esteemed customers throughout UAE or on scheduled timings as per the customer  location or place.

As a company we are full time soilders and training we offer is an SCA standard. We offer door to door barista training at your comfort. We keep our focus on trainings and development of our clients’ baristas on regular basis making sure Baristas serve high end espresso and other related drinks.

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