• Coffee grinders.​

  • coffee machines.

  • Repair and maintenances.

  • Coffee Roasting machines .

  • Consultations/interview conducting.

  • Coffee machine and grinders customization.

  • Renting of coffee machine and grinders.

  • wedding and other events services.

  • Water filtration systems sales and intallations.

  • Buy and sales of used coffee machine and grinders.

  • Coffee tool and wide range of accessessories.

Coffee grinders
Espresso machines
Roasting machines
Coffee tools and accessories

We sell high quality coffee grinders, from hand grinders, home use and commercial. If you want to enjoy quality tasting espresso, start by sourcing a quality grinder.

As we all know that when the coffee is being grinded, it heats up due to some frictions from burrs speed.

We sell wide variety of coffee machines from home use to commercial use, that are of high quality standard. All you need to do is place, your order for one and experience the touch which offers quality espresso in your cup. Milk steaming is a hustle free task which gives you silky texture in your cup of coffee. Don't miss the chance.

We sell and offer the best quality coffee roasting machines starting from 1kg roaster to 30kg roaster whichever fits your supply demands. You can also order a customized coffee roaster according to your roast area theme or design. roasting is a delicate phase that requires quality roasting machines. Invest well to acquire one.

We sell and deliver all type of coffee tools and accessessories that fits your need for quality cup of coffee at your door step. Order we deliver for you.

Renting of coffee machines
customization of coffee machine and grinders
We buy used coffee machines and grinders/sell them for you.
Consultations and conducting interviews.

We offer coffee machines  and coffee grinders rental services where you may not be able to have one for yourself.Meaning you can still enjoy your coffee with friends wherever you are.We bring them to you.

We offer wide range of coffee machines and coffee grinders customization that fits your restaurants, coffee trucks, hotel coffee bars, home bar counters  and  coffee shops to align with dedicated designs  or  themes.

We offer services like these on your desk, no need to worry to  move your equipments after customization.

We buy used coffee machines and coffee grinders depending on their used conditions.

We offer sell it for you services or trade them for you at a negotiable rate. Hustle free

We offer wide range of consultation services from coffee shop, coffee trucks ,hotels bars where by, we check to make sure the needful is done and no details of your quality bar is left un attended before opening.

We also offer services like conducting interviews to make sure you get the right skilled team for your business.