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Astrolab 2 PP
Multiboiler machine with pressure profiling for the creation, storage and recall of up to 5 pressure profiles on each group. Control by slight movement of the electronic lever. Interface for direct control of the extraction and all functional parameters of the machine.

Pressure Profiling
Pressure profiling is when the barista applies a sequence of varied pressures during extraction, allowing to highlight special characteristics of the coffee or blend. The Astrolab allows total control over the pump pressure throughout the entire extraction

Multiboiler system with independent boilers. The Astrolab features a pre-heating of the coffee water boilers, granting perfomance and energy saving.

The new Fiamma Configurator gives you the power to create your own masterpiece!
Tap into your creativity. Choose your favourite colours, textures, patterns and enjoy deluxe espresso extracted with your unique Astrolab.

Fiamma Astrolab PP(pressure profiling)2GRP

Sales Tax Included
  • Mahine key specs.

    groups 2, boiler technology Multi Boiler, temperature control PIDbrew pilot yes, shot timer yes, counters yes, smart alert yes, water boiler 3 kW (10.5 l), coffee boiler 2x 1.5 kW (2x 0.5 l), pump rotative (external), steam wands 2, cool touch steam wands yes, water tap 2, water with temperature control yes, programmable water portions yes, automatic cleaning yes, touchscreen yes, shortcut keys yes, e-lever yes, "Pressure Profiling"2 x 5, preheated water yes, energy saving, sequential heating, power 3.8 - 6.8 kW voltage ~220-240V / 400V~2N, steam knobs yes ,cup warmer yes ,LED lights yes, standard colours steel/BLACK

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