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  • JOPER Roasters are made with High-Quality CAST IRON components and hand craft individually for best roast quality, control and consistency.
  • Roasting drum with double wall and special mixing paddles to ensure optimal movement and mixing for excellent roasting results.
  • Great roasting consistency, which allows high uniformity in the grain.
  • The flow of hot air, that allows the beans to be roasted via convection is controlled and adjusted by a speed variator.
  • Simultaneous roasting and cooling using separate suction of the cooling and roasting fans.
  • Drum bearings in cast iron housings remotely mounted away from the hot roaster wall for extra-long life. All bearings and seals are SKF brand.
  • Separate cyclone with high Efficiency of separation and easy emptying of the bin for chaff.
  • 4 separate Premium Efficiency IE3 motors. All direct drive for quietness and low maintenance: Drum drive, cooling pan stir arms, roaster fan and cooler fan.  Note: BSR 1 KIT does not have the cooling stir arms motor.)
  • Cooler with large surface, one discharge door, agitator with separate drive and high-pressure fan to quickly cool the beans to the required temperature to lock in the aroma.
  • Easy operator control with sight glass to see how your beans are flowing inside the drum.
  • Sampler trier, temperature digital controller is provided to enable the roasting process to be monitored all time.
  • 2 thermocouples: Bean temperature and exhaust air temperature.
  • Atmospheric gas burner with low emissions (Low NOx) with complete gas train and all safety accessories.
  • Adjustable flame modulation of gas burner with manual control always just a touch away.
  • Fuel Type: Propane gas (LPG) or natural gas (LNG).
  • Fully insulated with high temperature insulation blanket making the roaster very quiet and high energy efficient.
  • Electric control board to check and control the roasting process, with temperature digital displays, On/Off switches, Emergency button and all security components.
  • Gas and electric safety device with standards rules.
  • Hand crank for emptying the drum roaster in case of power outages. (Only in models 5, 15 and 25)
  • Designed and developed to allow low maintenance.
  • Side and rear doors to simplify access to the interior of the roaster, during normal maintenance and cleaning of the various components.
  • Service Hours counter included.
  • Simplified installation and setting–up.
  • Operating side standard: Left.
  • JOPER roasters are built for long haul, one can run with them multiple shifts, 7 days a week.
  • The standard color of our roasters is Black (RAL 9005) in the body of roaster and with silver details (RAL 9006) in the cooler and hopper ring. Other colors can be selected in the RAL color catalogue.
  • Connect your computer directly to your roaster (optional).
  • BSR KIT models are offered in 1, 3, 5, 15 and 25 kilos-batch capacity.

    Note: Since the BSR model doesn’t have enough space to properly accommodate the variators, we must use a bigger structure – but it still be a BSR KIT!
    In that way there is no need to place the roaster on a table or stand because it will be sufficiently higher (1,42 m) to be operated in a stand up position.

    The BSR KIT models can be even further customized with optional equipment to increase aesthetics, and – more important! – its performance.

  • Green Bean Loader – Vacuum conveyor with scale and display.
  • Destoner – Built in carbon steel plate and are equipped with a suction system with a fixed or separate fan to be connected to the roaster. Designed to mainly remove stones which might still be mixed with the coffee beans, the destoner will efficiently separate other foreign matter such as metals, pieces of plastic and other small size residues.
  • Afterburner – Post combustion equipment to correct pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, thus achieving a high level of protection of the environment.


Sales Tax Included |
  • Machine key specs.

    KG 1465x855x1495 mm 170 kg,57.6 x 33.6 x 58.8 in 220 kg

    0.5 - 1 kg
    BSR 1
    (4 kg/h)
    12- 15
    .5 -3 kg
    BSR 3
    3 min
    12 kg/h)
    5 - 5 kg
    BSR 5

    1750x1000x 1660 mm
    68.8 x 39.4 x 65.3 in
    Propane Gas
    400V/50 Hz/ 3Ph
    2075x1160x2090 mm
    450 kg
    81.6 x 45.6 x 82.2 in
    Natural Gas


    20 kg/h )
    15 - 18
    BSR 15
    (60 kg/h)
    3-4 min
    12.5 -25 kg
    BSR 25
    4 min
    (100 kg/h)

    335x2305 mm
    96 * 52 .5 * 90 . 7 in
    630 kg
    2640x1560x2550 mm
    850 kg
    103.9x61.4x100.3 in

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