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Destoner DM 5-15 & DM 25



JOPER destoners built in carbon steel plate come equipped with suction system with a fixed or separate fan to be connected to the roaster. Designed to mainly remove stones which might still be mixed with the coffee beans, the destoner will efficiently separate other foreign matter such as metals, pieces of plastic and other small size residues.

JOPER produces and supplies two different models of destoners: DM and DP models.

DM models are designed and manufactured for shop roasters of 5, 15 and 25 kg, are completely mobile and can be adapted to any roaster.

Models DP are incorporated in the roaster and are specially made for industrial roasters.

Exhaust filter (bag).
• Sight glass for flow adjustment visibility.
• Flow adjustment.
• On/Off, Start/Stop switch
• 2 legs to allow slightly wider space for easy inlet.
• 4 Rollers with lock.
• Standard color Black RAL 9005

Joper Distonner -SP

Sales Tax Included
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