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The La San Marco SM 97 with ergonomic features and innovative design is the perfect coffee grinder for any cafe. This on demand grinder provides electronic control of the measure of ground coffee inside the portafilter. Also includes a continuous grinding function which can be used for maximum 3 minutes. Plus, the universal holder for portafilter features a micro switch for initiating the grinding quickly.

It comes with a professional 84mm flat plate burr which can operate at 880 RPM speed, so that you can grind 7.5 grams of coffee in 2.2 seconds. You can adjust the distance between the burrs with an accuracy of one hundredth of a millimetre, ensuring efficient extraction and improved aroma.


It also has a centesimal ring, which allows precise adjustments to match the particle size of the ground coffee to the humidity of the atmosphere, to the coffee blend and to the grinder. The intuitive labelling on the ring also makes it easy to read the control settings. The tamper, made from Techno polymer material, offers superior physical and mechanical properties and is suitable for handling food products. The removable 1.2kg beans hopper, positioned atop the grinder dispenser, offers safety features to prevent unwanted contact with grinders. And the display comes with separate counters for single, double and total shots.


Speed and precision are the functional characteristics of La San Marco INSTANT series: on demand (fresh ground) dosing coffee grinders with electronic dose adjustment. Models SM 97 INSTANT are dosing coffee grinders with flat blades with functional characteristics that are conceived to perfectly meet different operating needs.Flat blades 84 mm.

  • Automatic On Demand Coffee Grinder.
  • Options: Single dose, double dose, and continuous dosing.
  • Burr type: 84mm Steel Flat.
  • Grinds 7.5gms of coffee in 2.2 seconds.
  • Includes universal portafilter holder and a tamper.
  • Centesimal ring allows for precise grind size adjustment.
  • Color: Chrome.

La San Marco SM 97 espresso grinder

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