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AV or ABR Functionality

Strada S comes in two different configurations: AV (Auto-Volumetric) and ABR (Auto Brew Ratio). With AV, a flow meter is used to decide when to stop the pump, based on the amount of water that enters the group. In contrast, ABR uses built-in scales in the drip tray to determine when the desired yield is achieved. These features are all about ensuring that Strada consistently delivers a perfect shot of espresso every time you use it.

Compared to the old-school method of timing your espresso shots, AV takes things up a notch by automating the brewing process. This adds a whole new level of precision and consistency from one shot to the next. The problem with timing-based brewing is that it depends on how much resistance the coffee grounds create during the programmed brew time and how much water they soak up. With AV, the yield depends solely on how much water the coffee grounds soak up. Regardless of the resistance created by the grounds, AV machines keeps brewing until a specific volume of water has passed through the flow meter. This makes volumetric brewing more accurate and reliable, especially when other variables are changing.

ABR takes yield precision to another level entirely, removing the flow meter and instead weighing espresso yield in real time in the shot glass. This means your yield is no longer tied to resistance or absorption. It's all about what ends up in your shot glass. So, no matter how you tweak your coffee, grind size, or dose, your yield remains constant. With ABR, yield becomes an entirely isolated variable, separate from dose and grind size, making the task of creating an ideal recipe far more efficient.

Lamarzocco Strada S+ABR 3 GRP

Sales Tax Included
  • Manufacturer: La Marzocco
    Model: Strada S
    Country of Origin: Italy
    Dimensions: 32.7"W, 27.2"D, 19.7"H (2grp) | 40.6"W, 27.2"D, 19.7"H (3grp)
    Weight: 169.4lbs (2grp) | 206.4lbs (3grp)
    Power: 220v Single Phase, 4330-5666 W Max, 30 amps, NEMA 6-30 Plug (2 grp) | 220v, 5830-7783 W Max, 50 amps , NEMA 6-50 Plug (3grp)
    Warnings: CA Prop 65 Warning
    Boiler Capacity: 2.6L Coffee Boiler (2grp), 8.2L Steam Boiler (2grp) | 3.9L Coffee Boiler, 11.8L Steam Boiler (3grp)
    Certifications UL-197, NSF-8, CAN / CSA-C22.2 No. 109
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