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CRG/E 100-1 Drum (Series I)

Designed to last and perform its function efficiently, the sample roasters CRG/E 100-1 Drum (Series I) incorporate the same manufacturing concepts and quality standards with which JOPER manufactures shop roasters and industrial roasters.

The sample roasters  models CRG/E 100-1 with 1 Drum (Series I) can run on gas or electricity(*) and it is possible to roast a small batch of 100 g of green beans, also check and verify the quality of the roasted coffee and use it as a pattern for large scale roasting.

Stable, easy to operate, low maintenance, equipped with digital and temperature control and a thermocouple in the roaster drum to measure the temperature of the bean mass itself, the result is highest efficiency in sample roasting.

The CRG/E 100-1 (Series I) sample roasters are well recommended for the coffee laboratory of small and medium roasteries, local and regional cooperatives and even for passionate home coffee roasters that want to start their own coffee businesses.

* This model is also available with electric oven.


  • Drum capacity with 80-100 g of green coffee.
  • Roaster solid drum.
  • Front and back lids in metal.
  • Heat generating oven with gas burner and manual control system suited either for natural or propane gas.
  • Optional: Electric oven.
  • Cooling tray.
  • 1 Drum gearbox motor with 25 W.
  • Airflow damper 0-100%, manual control.
  • Safety device.
  • Digital temperature display, sample tube are provide to enable the roasting process to be monitored all time.
  • 1 thermocouple inside of the drum: Bean temperature.
  • Easy maintenance with included toolkit.
  • Colour: Black.
  • Metal lid for easy transportation included.
  • 1 Motor (220V 50Hz Single phase) – (110V 60Hz Single Phase)
  • A chaff collecting cyclone is optional for these 1 drum models, which have a built-in fan generating airflow that transports out chaff through the exhaust pipe.

Sample Roaster- CRG/E100-1DRUM

Sales Tax Included
    Models Capacity per batch g/oz Roasting time Power supply Fuel type
    CRG/E 100-1 (*)
    (Series I)
    100/3.5  8-15 min  110-220 V /
    50-60 Hz / 1 Ph

    Propane Gas

    CRG 100-2
    (Series II)
    100/3.5 – 200/7
    CRG 100-4
    (Series II)
    100/3.5 – 400/14
    CRG 100-6
    (Series II)
    100/3.5 – 600/21

    (*) This model is also available with electric oven.

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