Samplus trading is a dedicated  company which takes part to bring a better change to the world of coffee by giving the best maintenance of coffee machine,coffee grinders,water filtration systems and other services which includes, sales of all type of coffee equipment's. Our main goal is Customer happiness equals  strength.

Coffee machines 
smart water system
High quality water filtration systems
Computer boards troubleshooting

We offer all types of coffee machine maintenances services wherever you are at affordable prices. Our services includes, door to door and inhouse. We offer 24/7 support wherever you are in UAE.


As a coffee oriented company, we offer the best water filtration systems that we believe are capable to give you the best quality water for your coffee, coffee equipment's, ice makers, dishwashers and main house. Never miss the best. Meaning we offer quality to all our customers.

*You can't get the price of our systems  anywhere else.

We sell and offer high quality services  of all type of coffee grinders because we believe that ,quality espresso begins from clean quality grinder.

The best place to solve all type of coffee machines computers related issues.

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Technical services
Barista Training 
powder coating

We offer high quality technical services or maintenance throughout UAE and GCC .We are 24/7 awake so you can do your business in peace. This Means that, we are the only company which defies the law of sleep and this doesn't mean our staff don't get their day off. Our service are door to door or after your operations stop We begin our work. Its a hustle free services which helps you to have your peace .We are instant .

We offer very high Quality Education in Training of baristas through a recognized based  materials from SCA (specialty coffee association) which gives your coffee shop or restaurant quality espresso, milk based coffee and brewed coffees.

Our main goal is  to make sure Quality education materials are given and practiced at all levels of service which improves your revenue and your customers  happiness is satisfied.

We offer a wide range of powder coatings of all type of coffee machine and coffee grinders according to your coffee shop or restaurant themes. Our powder coating finish is of high quality and guaranteed for years depending on the basic use of  the equipment.

We supply and stock different variety of  spare parts  depending with your coffee machine or grinder brand. We offer a full check up of your coffee machines or grinders to help us understand what part that requires to be replace. 

We are Suppliers and Whole sellers of Espresso Machines, Coffee Roasters, Coffee Grinders, Coffee tools, water filtration systems and coffee accessessories among others. We offer wide of  services which includes, coffee Equipment's customizations, coffee education, coffee consultations/sourcing, coffee shop bar set up, barista interviews, coffee equipment's consultations/budgeting, Repair and Maintenance of all type of coffee machines, coffee grinders/water filtration systems in and out of United Arab Emirates.

Our products are designed to meet your requirement of Professional Coffee Machine Industry to Domestic Home Use equipment's.


For Inquiry email us :info@samplustrading.com